Cure SMA launches SMArt Moves, an educational campaign targeting parents, pediatricians and other healthcare professionals to address the signs of motor delays early to help infants and children diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy to receive treatment.

“SMArt Moves is about equipping parents and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to recognize motor delays, correctly diagnose SMA, and promptly get infants and young children into treatment,” says Rosangel Cruz, MA, BS, director of research and clinical affairs, Cure SMA, in a media release.

“Early action and treatment can be truly life-changing. This swift action can result in positive results for so many with SMA. For example, a child receiving early treatment may soon be able to eat or breathe independently or reach important motor milestones previously unheard of for those with SMA.”

Central to the effort is a new, easy-to-use website that encourages parents to trust their instincts if they suspect a motor delay, because missed milestones can signal a serious medical condition, like SMA. At the site, parents improve their understanding of the early signs of motor delays, watch instructional videos and download a helpful checklist to share with their doctor and help address their concerns. Along with take-action resources for parents, there is a special section dedicated to healthcare professionals detailing current diagnostic criteria, educational resources, and the latest treatment options and protocols, the release continues.

“Simply put, learning the SMA warning signs, taking early action, and getting early treatment can save, and dramatically improve, children’s lives,” Cruz adds. “We want parents to trust their instincts, be informed and empowered to address developmental concerns with their pediatrician.”

[Source(s): Cure SMA, PR Newswire]