In an effort to reduce rehospitalizations among its high risk patients, Jacksonville, Fla-based Brooks Rehabilitation Home Health has launched a telehealth system via the MetTel telehealth solution for IoT-connected Remote Patient Monitoring powered by Health Recovery Solutions (HRS).

Patients placed on the telehealth program at Brooks Rehabilitation Home Health are provided with 4G tablets that are pre-loaded with the HRS software and paired with disease-specific Bluetooth biometric devices that allow patients to take their blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and more. The patient data automatically transmits to the tablets and is electronically delivered to the patient’s clinician, who can identify trends and adjust the treatment plan accordingly.

The HRS telehealth software also encourages patient participation and self-management with daily medication reminders and disease specific educational content. Additionally, patients can communicate with their clinicians via the tablet’s text, call, and video chat features, explains a media release from MetTel.

“The MetTel-HRS telehealth solution fosters increased patient engagement; encourages patient accountability by having the patient perform daily vitals and provides the opportunity to speak to a clinical team member via video calls,” says Charese Eady, system of care leader and telehealth coordinator at Brooks Rehabilitation Home Health, in the release. “The system also provides security for the patient because they know qualified clinicians are there to support them behind the system.”

Besides reducing readmissions, the team at Brooks also hopes to enhance operational efficiency and increase patient engagement with their new telehealth program. Their team is particularly excited about establishing a central connection platform with the MetTel-HRS technology, the release continues.

“Upgrading our telehealth program and partnering with MetTel will provide our clinical team and our patients with the latest technology that is specifically designed for ease of use with the patient in mind,” says Joanne S. Hoertz, VP of nursing at Brooks Rehabilitation.

“Having a system that does not rely on Wi-Fi and multiple downloads or manual uploads of biometrics makes the system efficient and friendly.  Being able to easily view patient alerts with an option of a video call to those who are experiencing a change improves patient-caregiver communications and helps improve wellness. Most importantly, this will help keep our patients in their homes and out of the hospital,” she adds.

“Brooks Rehabilitation Home Health has demonstrated utmost dedication to advancing patient care with telehealth, notes Jake Levy, director of health information technology at MetTel. “Their team understands the value of remote patient follow-up and its potential to improve workflows and patient outcomes. We are thrilled to launch a telehealth program with such a progressive organization.”

[Source(s): MetTel, PR Newswire]