A partnership forged between Ottobock, Minneapolis, and Orthocare Innovations aims to provide unique, advanced prosthetic technologies to patients worldwide. A news release from both organizations notes collaborative efforts have been underway, including comprehensive laboratory and patient testing, to prepare the first of these products for market.

Orthocare Innovations is a research and development company in the field of orthotics and prosthetics. It places a primary focus on developing solutions to improve mobility and patient outcomes through the application of advanced sensor, actuation, and mobile connectivity technologies.

According to the release, the two companies united in 2013 with a goal of speeding the delivery of new technologies to the global prosthetics market. Orthocare Innovations has developed lower limb applications, including an application with integrated mobile connectivity features engineered to enhance the user experience and improve patient outcomes. The release notes that these technologies are applicable as stand-alone components or can be integrated as part of a larger prosthetic system.

Hans Dietl, PhD, chief technology officer, Ottobock, explains that both organizations maintain firm commitments to delivering measurable outcomes.

“Pushing the boundaries of what people can accomplish is inspiring, and we are continuing our collaboration with future projects that expand human capabilities,” Dietl says.

Doug McCormack, chairman and co-founder of Orthocare Innovations, adds, “By working with Ottobock, we tap into its established, industry leading capabilities in supporting and distributing microprocessor-controlled devices. We are enthusiastic that our partnership will quickly and effectively achieve global market adoption and will accelerate acceptance and understanding of the power of these new technologies.”

[Source(s): Ottobock, Orthocare Innovations]