Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital has announced it has partnered with Cybex International, a leader in gym and fitness equipment, to provide equipment that can be used with a wide range of injuries or disabling conditions with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

A news release issued by Spaulding states that a Cybex treadmill and Bravo functional trainers are now on-site in the inpatient and outpatient gyms at the Spaulding facility in Charlestown.

Aaron Moore, DPT, site manager, Spaulding Boston Outpatient Center, points out that, “For our patients who range from those recovering from a devastating illness or accident to the weekend warrior recovering lost function to get back to a sport they love, the Cybex machines give our talented therapists another tool to help our patients improve.”

Moore adds that the equipment and its selection of options will allow therapists to create treatment programs designed to suit each individual’s capabilities and goals.

The release notes that Paul Juris, EdD, executive director of the Cybex Research Institute, recently provided physical therapists education regarding how to best use the Bravo system to engage patients in a range of different exercises. According to the release, they system provides adaptability to allow for a variety of treatments to accommodate the variety of needs and abilities Spaulding serves.

The release adds that within the first weeks of use, Spaulding clinicians have been putting the equipment’s abilities to the test, working with patients ranging from spinal cord injuries (SCIs) to strengthening post-hip surgery.

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Source: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital