ActivaTek Inc, Salt Lake City, develops and markets drug-delivery and other medical devices. Trivarion, its first iontophoresis product for the rehabilitation market, is a buffered active transdermal drug technology, which delivers drugs through the skin via a constant DC current and permits precise dosing.The site profiles the company’s products and explains the technology behind them; provides links for product brochures, manuals, and scientific data; and profiles principals and scientific advisors.


Activeaid Inc, Redwood Falls, Minn, which has supplied a range of chair products for more than four decades, manufactures 26 styles, featuring bariatric, tub, shower/commode, rehab shower, adult positioning, and pediatric chairs. New offerings include tilt tables and parallel bars. The company offers custom modifications and a powder coating service. Detailed product descriptions are found on the Web site, which lists dealers’ contact information nationwide, and provides a helpful FAQ


Adaptive Switch Labs Inc (ASL), Spicewood, Tex, designs and manufactures products that help those with disabilities use computers, communicate, interface with their environments and boost their independence through powered mobility. A team of 12 employees designs and manufactures products and oversees business operations. The site features a product catalog, educational resources, justification information, details on certification courses and monthly seminars, and technical support information.


AlumiRamp Inc, Quincy, Mich, offers four lines of aluminum ramps that bridge gaps up to 20 feet or more,which are suitable for home and institutions alike. The Web site features mini ramps, a modular system, pre-engineered kits,and the A*COM system, a modular, customizable line of ramps, steps, and platforms that meet the requirements of BOCA and other building codes. The company also designs and manufactures custom systems to meet special needs.


Amrex Electrotherapy, Carson, Calif,which has manufactured therapy equipment for 72-plus years, is a division of Amrex-Zetron Inc. The company’s Web site features products and accessories,an authorized full-service and information center, technical support contacts, access to instructional videos and user’s guides, and information on the trade-in program. A list of dealers with links to their Web sites is included. The company focuses on supplying affordable, high-quality ultrasound diathermy and electrotherapy modalities.


Aquatic Access, Louisville, Ky, manufactures water-powered lifts—no electricity or battery power needed—to provide access to pools, spas, boats, and docks for those who have difficulty climbing stairs and ladders. Accessories and options are available, such as customization for recessed spas with benches, opposite seat rotation, above-deck mounting,seat heights,and other needs. The Web site features product information,a comprehensive FAQ page,details on in-ground and custom lifts, and a video demo.


ARI-MED Pharmaceuticals, Tempe, Ariz, features Flexall topical pain-relieving gels and Ceres’ Secret Aloe Vera Gel. Used in treatment regimens, Flexall gels help boost at-home patient compliance, enhance ultrasound and cryotherapy, calm pain between TENS, and intensify soft-tissue massage. Ceres’ Secret, a coldpressed, greaseless skin moisturizer made with 100% whole leaf aloe vera gel, is used topically to help relieve dry or chafed skin, and minor burns. The Web site provides product information, and much more.


Balanced Body Pilates, Sacramento, Calif, has nearly 30 years of experience creating specialized Pilates equipment for rehabilitation. Major hospitals,universities, dance centers, rehabilitation clinics, wellness centers and private practitioners use its equipment worldwide.For more than two decades, the company has worked with Pilates rehab specialists to develop features that make its Clinical Reformer a versatile, practical, and safe rehabilitation tool. The Web site details the Pilates Method and furnishes ample resources for professionals.


Body Tech NW, Mukilteo,Wash, designs and manufactures seating and positioning accessories for wheelchair users, such as headrests, pelvic positioners, knee adductors, lateral supports, hip belts, and an adjustable rearview mirror that features a 160° wide-angle viewing range and provides rear visibility for safety.Additional information, including photos and descriptions, can be found on the company’s Web site (as well as several useful information links). A brochure is available upon request.


CARF International,Tucson,Ariz, participates with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services helping to guarantee Medicare beneficiaries have access to high-quality DMEPOS (durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies) and related services. All DMEPOS suppliers participating in Medicare Part B must be accredited by Oct 1,2009, or risk revocation of their National Supplier Clearinghouse number and Medicare billing privileges.The accreditation application, called Intent to Survey, can be completed and submitted online through CARF’s secure Web portal.


The comprehensive Web site for Coloplast Corp, Minneapolis, is dedicated to providing information and resources to better understand the Medicare change regarding intermittent catheter guidelines. People using intermittent catheters no longer have to reuse them, they are now covered as single-use devices. The site includes a Medicare reimbursement guide, product information, and free samples are available. The change affects nearly 1 million people living with a neurogenic bladder.


Craig Hospital, Denver, which is among the top rehabilitation centers worldwide, focuses on specialty rehabilitation and research for patients with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research has designated the spinal cord and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation programs as model systems centers. The facility is the NIDRR National Data and Statistical Center for the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems 2006-2011. Its Web site provides comprehensive information.


Danmar Products Inc, Ann Arbor, Mich, furnishes therapeutic equipment for those who are physically and mentally challenged, and for athletes facing challenges. Among its offerings are a helmet line; cranial-shaping helmets for infants with positional head deformity; swimming aids; positioning products, such as chest supports and strap covers; and materials for building and repair, such as Formafoam, Vinylite tape, and bonding products. The Web site features product information, a dealer locator,and helpful FAQ page.


For 15 years, Diestco Manufacturing Corp,Chico, Calif,has offered a range of products and accessories for those who use wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. The offerings include: armrest bags, canopies, covers, cup holders, flags, equipment holders, scooter tiller bags, seatback bags, threshold ramps, trays, under-the-seat bags, walker bags, weather chaps, and sleeve guards. The Web site features the products and parts catalog, offers mounting instructions, and lists dealers, and resources.


Duralife Inc, South Williamsport, Pa, manufactures a range of PVC furniture for rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and home use. The warm-to-the-touch products are made from furniture-grade PVC tubing, and resist rusting and corrosion,and do not peel, pit, or chip. The tubing is bent into graceful, ergonomic forms that support without sharp edges, which helps protect patients and residents during transfers, and makes it easier to keep furniture clean.


The Web site for, features orthopedic soft goods;wound care, taping,and clinic supplies; test and evaluation devices; educational and occupational health resources; electrotherapy and hydrotherapy products; hot and cold therapy options;compression therapy pumps and systems; massage therapy options; pain management products; exercise products; fitness equipment; aqua therapy; traction and positioning options; treatment tables and furniture and daily living aids.New products merit their own section.


Hands on Technology,Hinsdale, Ill, offers TheraOffice, a fully integrated PT practice- management suite that offers integrating scheduling, documentation, and accounting applications that help eliminate the need for costly interfaces and dual-data entry. It reduces billing errors and accelerates the process of recording patient data, and the user-friendly interface aids in monitoring patients and provides reminders for upcoming tasks that need completing. Report Viewer and Enterprise Manager generate easy-to-read reports to view data from the applications.


Hertz Supply Co Inc, Schnecksville, Pa, offers specialized products, such as resident bathing,wander-alert,and weighing systems; and lift-and-transfer systems. is a comprehensive online resource, featuring Wheel Flex wheelchairs, event information and videos depicting,among other things,the 24 core exercises that can be performed from the chair seat, which provides a total gym for those who are wheel-chair enabled.,


The Joint-Jack Company,Shirley,Me, offers products for rehabilitation of the hand, including Joint Jack, which provides steady, nonelastic force for correction of flexion deformities of the fingers; Dystrophile, which provides a scientific approach to tissue loading and can help build up the upper extremity and return normal power/function following fracture, injuries, and surgery; Joint-Spring, a gentle finger splint; Joint-Cinch, for steady nonelastic pressure; and Hand- Wrap, a perioperative knitted bandage for constant pressure.


Kinesio USA LLC, Albuquerque, NM, furnishes Kinesio Tex tape, a nonrestrictive, elastic, latex-free tape that helps retrain the neuromuscular system,promote lymphatic flow, reduce pain, and promote injury resolution. It is cotton, hypoallergenic, and air-permeable, and can be worn 24 hours a day. A roll typically provides eight to 10 applications. The Kinesio Taping Method involves taping over and around muscles for support or to prevent over-contraction.The site contains extensive product, education, and application information.


Lafayette Instrument,Lafayette, Ind, has a 60-year track record for providing products in the areas of evaluation and assessment, life sciences, neuroscience, and polygraphing. Among the offerings are the Dexterity software package, Acumar inclinometers, and Manual Muscle testing software. Evaluation categories include strength testing; range of motion, dexterity, and coordination; reaction timing, timers, and counters; physiological measures; anthropometrics; and charts and models. The Web site features product information and ample support services.


Since 1957, Mettler Electronics Corp, Anaheim, Calif, has been providing portable ultrasound and electro-stimulation therapy equipment used in sports medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic, and podiatric health care. Categories include therapeutic ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulators, combination therapy, light therapy, electrodes,carts and travel bags, and ultrasound and stimulator accessories. New additions are shortwave diathermy, ultrasonic cleaning,hot and cold packs, Polar Frost,and a line of accessories for the devices. The Web site features product and service information.


M-F Athletic Co, Cranston, RI, features Perform Better,whose Web site provides expertise in rehabilitation and functional training, which helps boost performance in sport and rehabilitation situations. Departments include flexibility and recovery products, balance and stabilization, ROM training and rehab, bands and tubing, and cardiovascular.A design team aids customers in outfitting facilities, and Training Zones offer equipment and training ideas for rehabilitation, functional training, and full-body training.


Mobility Research,Tempe,Ariz,manufactures rehabilitation solutions and furnishes educational courses. Its LiteGait family of products are partial weightbearing therapy devices; WalkAble provides postural support for pediatric patients through manual-body, weightsupport adjustment; the GaitKeeper is a specially designed rehab walking surface; Mobility Device is a walker that lifts and supports; and AutoStep helps pediatric patients to have symmetrical stepping patterns. The site features product information and videos, research article summaries, and clinical and technical support.


Mulholland Positioning Systems Inc,Burley, Idaho,provides products that help develop functional skills and offer postural-support seating, standing, and walking systems for children and adults with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other types of motor-development disorders. Products include the Walkabout and Gait Master gait trainers; the Rocket, Omni,Wheelabout, Prone,and Peer Level standers; the GGS and Acrobat seating systems; and adaptive components for wheelchairs. The Web site includes product information, FAQs, and testimonials.


NeuroCom International Inc, Clackamas, Ore, which pioneered an evidence-based approach to balance 20 years ago, offers the Set Yourself Apart balance program, a comprehensive, multi-system assessment isolation of the impairments contributing to the problem and treatment targeted at those specific impairment findings, providing an individualized approach. The company helps providers develop program that best meets their needs, providing state-of-the-art clinical systems, backed by training and support.


Noblis, Falls Church,Va, offers advisory services coupled with applied research and breakthrough-technology applications, to help provide practical and innovative solutions for health care.The Web site features information about strategy and planning, facility planning, performance innovation, information management and systems,research and evaluation, acquisition support, post acute, and a contact list for practice leaders. Its Center for Health Innovation counts five of the top 10 rehabilitation providers among its clients. [removed][/removed]


Open Sesame Door System Inc, San Leandro, Calif, designs and manufactures remote-control door-opening systems for home and public access. At the touch of a button, the system operator unlatches a locked door, opens, pauses, and closes it automatically. It operates with a wheelchair- mounted remote control and other environmental controls that are compatible with most types of disabilities. Accessories are offered, and battery backup provides power during an outage. The site includes installation tips, product photos, and videos.


For some 30 years, Power Access, New Hartford, Conn,has built automatic door openers and related controls that help those who are disabled through side-hinged doors. The Web site features its commercial and residential door openers; and wall switches, radio controls, keyless entry systems, and electric door locks for door openers.The company is featured on ABC-TV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. A new residential door opener, Model 2300, is smaller, lighter, less costly, and easier to install.


Practice Builders, Orange, Calif, a subsidiary of Ascend Media, is among the top private-practice health care marketing firms specializing in the design and implementation of customized, turnkey marketing programs with easy-to-implement strategies that aid in running the business side of owning a practice. Physical therapy is one of its leading areas of expertise. Workshops are held nationwide, and attendees receive a 12- month customized,strategic marketing plan,a Web site analysis report,and private consultations.


With more than 15 years of service, Preferred Therapy Providers Inc, Phoenix, is among the largest centrally managed, contracting-and-marketing resources for private-practice physical, occupational, and speech clinics nationwide— having connected more than 2,400 physical,occupational,and speech therapists to 60 million-plus members. It secures health, auto, and workers’ compensation contracts for private-practice rehabilitation clinics,and provides specialty networks of rehabilitation providers that PPOs, payors, and other health plans can tap through single-source contracting.


Products from Prime Engineering, Fresno, Calif, which has made standing technology since 1984, help maximize the benefits of standing and control the secondary medical concerns commonly associated with long-term disability. The personal and clinical devices offer No Transfer/No Lift technology, proper standing positioning, advanced adjustability, and multifunctional frames, and accommodate therapeutic standing needs of adult and pediatric clients. The Web site features products, education and supporting scientific information, and HCPC codes for standing systems.


Quantum Rehab, a division of Pride Mobility Corp, Exeter, Pa, designs, develops, and manufactures products for those with highly specialized and advanced rehabilitation needs. Established in 2000, its Web site features manual and power wheelchairs, power bases, electronic devices, seating options, accessories, a color chart, dealer locator, and more. Ample RTS/clinician resources are provided.


The Rehab Documentation Company Inc, Nashville, Tenn, produces ReDoc Software for physical and occupational therapists, and speech pathologists to solve clinical documentation, workflow, and business issues. ReDoc clients receive on-site and remote training and implementation, technical and clinical support,and periodic software upgrades. Online product demonstrations can be requested via the company’s Web site.


Since 1975, Restorative Care of America Inc (RCAI), St Petersburg, Fla,has manufactured prefabricated orthopedic and rehabilitative orthoses used in the treatment of joint and soft-tissue injury or disease, arthritis, contracture,pressure sores, repetitive-stress injury, ACL repairs, postsurgical procedures, and functional-fracture management.The company’s product line includes bracing for the feet, hands, hips, legs, arms, and back, and features pediatric and bariatric sizes.


The ROHO Group,Belleville, Ill, specializes in aiding healing, and prevention of pressure sores. ROHO DRY FLOATATION technology incorporates soft, flexible, interconnected air cells, yielding adjustable, customizable products that facilitate blood flow. The technology comprises six degrees of freedom, low surface tension,constant restoring forces, and low friction and shear (detailed on the Web site,which features medical products such as seat cushions, medical mattresses, back supports, XSensor pressure mapping systems,custom and specialty items,and accessories).


The patented design of the Roll-A-Bout, from Roll-A-Bout Corp,Frederica, Del,is a modern solution to the crutch, providing mobility on one foot to aid those who cannot walk due to a lower leg injury. The product offers four-wheel stability, a hand and parking brake, and a fold-flat design. The Web site features products, accessories, information about rentals, and downloadable instruction and information forms.


Sore No More, Moab, Utah,is a fast-acting,natural pain-relieving gel blended from six natural plant extracts and menthol, capsaicin, and witch hazel to temporarily relieve pain associated with arthritis, body aches, headaches, simple backaches, tendonitis, workouts, and sprains. It can be rubbed in the skin or dissolved in a warm bath, and is offered in jars, as a roll-on, and in a pump bottle. The Web site lists distributors,and offers free samples.


Spectrum Products,Missoula,Mont,manufactures commercial swimming pool and spa deck equipment, such as swim lifts, therapy steps, ladders, starting platforms, hand and grab rails, cleaning equipment, lifeguard platforms, diving stands, and water slides. The products are fabricated mainly from stainless steel and treated to resist environmental corrosion. The Web site includes information on the products, a portfolio of assisted-access products.


The curriculum, equipment, and video lines furnished by Stott Pilates,Toronto,a division of Merrithew Corp, are continually evaluated and updated to ensure they comply with modern exercise science. The Web site features an online store, 120-plus professional and at-home instructional DVD video titles, power packs, light equipment, professional equipment, educational materials, a worldwide instructor locator, information on its New York and Toronto facilities, and more.


For 21 years, Symmetric Designs, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, has been designing and manufacturing medical products that improve the lives of people with disabilities, spanning arthritis, torticollis, ALS, and spinal cord injuries. The Web site features cervical collars, treatment braces, knee and elbow orthoses, wheelchair headrests and a device that helps wheelchair headrests rotate, wheelchair trays and accessories,custom-forming wheelchair backs,and a worldwide distributor list.

THEJOBCURE.COM, powered by Ascend Media and its 1.5 million readers, is a new online source for health care careers, linking job seekers to health care employers nationwide. The site features sections for job hunters and employers. Those who are seeking employment can create a personal account, post a resume, search available jobs with basicand advanced-search capabilities, and search jobs by categories. Employers and recruiters can post job openings and participate in the featured jobs/employers’ sections.


TherapySource, Birmingham, Ala, furnishes information solutions and other key services for rehabilitation clinics,ambulatory surgery centers,and surgical hospitals nationwide, with a track record of nearly 30 years and more than 6,000 customers. TherapySource, a scalable, comprehensive, practice management system, offers clinical and administrative solutions for outpatient rehabilitation facilities offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Its site features sections for small and large operations, and much more.


Thought Technology Ltd, Montreal, produces instruments that monitor surface electromyography, electroencephalography, electrocardiology,skin conductance, temperature, blood-volume pulse, respiration, inclination, pressure, and bend. The company designs specialized equipment that interfaces third-party sensing devices, such as goniometers and force sensors. Its Web site features BioGraph Infiniti software, FlexComp Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti, ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp2, MyoTrac 3, MyoTrac Infiniti, U-Control, GSR handheld devices,sensors,cables and electrodes, and accessories.


TiLite,Kennewick,Wash, produces titanium wheelchairs sculpted to fit the user’s body and suited to a wide range of needs. Titanium is lightweight and strong, it absorbs vibration to convey a smooth ride, and it is rustproof. Most manual models can be adapted to accommodate add-on power systems. The Web site features rigid models, folding models, youth and sport series, custom services, a dealer locator,and more.


WAVE Manufacturing Inc, Windsor, Ontario, Canada,is a worldwide developer of vibration-exercise technology. WAVE, an acronym for whole-body advanced vibration exercise, taps a frequency range that has proven safe and effective. Up to 3,000 contractions can be produced per minute, generating nearly 100% muscle recruitment versus an average of 40% in conventional training. It provides minimal stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons; and helps improve circulation, gait, balance, muscular performance, and flexibility, and reduce chronic back pain.


WorkWell Systems Inc,Laguna Hills,Calif, provides injury prevention, workers’ compensation management, and early-intervention stay-at-work/return-to-work programs. Services are delivered through the company’s worldwide network of 10,000-plus certified physical therapy and occupational health care professionals. The company’s tools and techniques include systems for prework screening, risk-of-injury assessments, injury prevention, ergonomic interventions, job analysis and job modification, disability management, and comprehensive stay-at-work/return-to-work programs. A risk-free assessment is provided among the site’s links.