Bolingbrook, Ill-based Advantage Medical recently announced it will add the Richmar LidoFlex Pain Relief patch to its product lineup once the patch launches in the fourth quarter of this year.

In a statement from Advantage Medical, LidoFlex is described as a product that delivers clinical-strength lidocaine – the maximum amount of this pain reliever available without a prescription. The company reports that the patch may also be used in pain-management programs and offers benefits that include form-fitting grip in water and during activities, and long-lasting pain relief without narcotics.

LidoFlex is also reported to be available in a variety of sizes and provide consistent, isolated effect that provides a cooling sensation, followed by anesthetic pain relief.

According to an Advantage Medical media release, the LidoFlex approach to pain relief delivery is important and efficient because traditional therapies include drug infusion through iontophoresis, which requires physician prescription. By contrast, LidoFlex can eliminates the cost and waiting associated with a prescription and enable patients to conveniently absorb the lidocaine relief through the skin via the extremity-specific patches.

[Source: Advantage Medical]