Össur, a provider of prosthetic and orthopaedic technologies, launches store.ossur.com, a new online option that enables consumers in the US to directly purchase the company’s Formfit and CTi lines of bracing solutions.

“We launched our new online shopping solution because consumers are increasingly going online to seek Össur’s clinically proven bracing and support solutions, and they deserve timely access to these products, which have been specifically designed to help address their joint pain, stability issues and injuries.”

— Jason Thorne, Senior Vice President of Bracing & Supports

The online store also provides consumers with patient educational resources. Össur’s medical channel brands, including the Rebound and Unloader lines of orthopaedic bracing and supports, will continue to be made available only through traditional clinical channels, according to the company.

“Whether patients choose to search online or see their medical team, we encourage everyone to seek appropriate medical care to address their healthcare needs. Össur’s new online shopping solution represents another way for people to enjoy access to high-quality products and services so even more people can enjoy a life without limitations.”

— Jason Thorne

[Source: Össur]

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