Össur introduces several new innovations specifically designed to help less-active people with lower limb loss maintain an ideal balance of safety, comfort and mobility.

Össur’s new Balance Foot S is a lightweight, waterproof, comfortable fiberglass prosthetic foot featuring a wide sole blade, a high-performance foam base that spans the length of the foot, and a cushioning foam heel, all to facilitate smooth rollover and sit-to-stand movements, as well as to enhance the user’s perception of stability.

New Balance Foot S

The new Balance Foot S Torsion is ideal for low-active walkers who want a lightweight, waterproof, comfortable foot for everyday use. It features the same wide sole blade, foam base and cushioning heel, but has the added benefit of a torsion shock unit to help with turning movements, absorb shock, and restore lost rotational capabilities.

New Balance Foot S Torsion

Appropriate for people with Knee disarticulation, Hip disarticulation, Transfemoral or Transtibial amputation, Össur’s new Balance Foot S and the Balance Foot S Torsion also feature an anatomical foot cover, a steady-grip sole for greater barefoot stability, and a sandal clamping toe that accommodates various types of footwear, the company explains in a media release.

“For many people with limb-loss, age and poor health can significantly impact their mobility as well as their confidence, and ultimately influence their sense of independence. In designing our new Balance feet, we keep these issues at the forefront, so that we could develop solutions to help less-active people feel more secure and comfortable in their prosthesis.”

— Jon Sigurdsson, Chairman and CEO of Össur

Limb volume changes tend to be prominent among less active people, and may lead to physiological issues and more skin breakdown. This can be further compounded if they also have diabetes or vascular issues, because fluid-transport problems are often part of their condition.

In addition to physically impacting the fit, comfort and stability of a prosthesis, changes in residual limb volume can also cause a user to experience emotional distress over their ability to walk confidently.

To help address these issues, Össur recommends using its new Balance Foot S or Balance Foot S Torsion with the Unity sleeveless elevated vacuum suspension system, which has been designed to provide secure suspension while stabilizing volume fluctuations and maintaining comfortable socket fit throughout the day.

Össur also is introducing the new Iceross Seal-In X Locking liner, a seamless textile silicone liner that is compatible with all seal-rings and the Unity system, and suitable for users of all abilities and activity levels, the release continues.

“We are so pleased to be launching these new prosthetic innovations, which have been designed to help address the specific needs of less-active amputees so they may experience enhanced mobility and continue to enjoy life without limitations,” Sigurdsson states.

[Source: Össur]