Hanger Inc introduces MIGO, a virtual reality tool designed to offer users who have recently lost limbs the opportunity to have first-person point-of-view interactions with fellow amputees as a peer mentorship experience.

With MIGO, patients new to the limb-loss community can view what it is like to live with limb loss and see what is possible through the experiences of others.

Among the activities they can experience include walking down stairs and driving a car with two prosthetic legs, and cutting food with a prosthetic arm, Austin, tex-based Hanger Inc notes in a media release.

“Losing a limb can be highly traumatic, often compared to losing a loved one,” states Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP(D), vice president of prosthetics for Hanger Clinic, Hanger’s patient care subsidiary, in the release.

“I’m thrilled we’re now able to offer this new avenue for providing hope and inspiration, showing those with limb loss and limb difference what is truly possible with hard work, dedication, and the appropriate prosthetic devices.”

The initial rollout of MIGO VR took place in mid-April at Hanger Clinic’s 2018 Bilateral Above-Knee Amputee (BAKA) Bootcamp.

Feedback from the initial rollout is being used during the development of a full-length MIGO VR experience that will feature a variety of prosthetic users of various ages and amputation levels performing a number of different activities. The extended Hanger Clinic MIGO VR experience is slated to rollout nationwide during summer 2018, according to the company.

[Source(s): Hanger Inc, PR Newswire]