The next generation Kinnex microprocessor prosthetic ankle/foot – the Kinnex 2.0 – is now available from Freedom Innovations.

The successor to the Irvine, Calif-based company’s original microprocessor ankle, Kinnex 2.0 offers improvements to its hydraulic system design as well as improved user experience and added product testing.

“Our goal with this product was to develop a microprocessor-controlled foot that could truly support all aspects of daily life,” says Eric Ferris, vice president of global marketing and product management at Freedom Innovations, in a media release.

“The Kinnex 2.0 combines a number of unique features – instantaneous first-step responsiveness, a full carbon fiber foot plate, 30 degrees range-of-motion, IP-67 certification (water and debris protection), smart phone capabilities, and extensive product/durability testing – into a truly unique and beneficial product for both amputees and prosthetists.”

The Kinnex microprocessor ankle with carbon fiber foot technology is designed to provide users a stable and natural walking experience whether on flat, angled, smooth, or uneven terrain. The Kinnex 2.0 builds on this foundation, according to the company.

[Source(s): Freedom Innovations, Business Wire]