The 2GX Series 2 is a titanium folding wheelchair available through Pasco, Wash-based company TiLite that features a modular frame design, built to facilitate configurability regardless of location. A company news release notes that this includes adding aftermarket seating systems, switching fixed and swing-away front ends, and growing chair width and/or depth to meet changing customer needs; all can be changed in the field.

The release adds that the product’s advantage begins in its titanium composition, as titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on earth. Titanium also absorbs vibration, providing a smoother ride. The 2GX offers users these benefits in addition to an easy folding mechanism, full adjustability, and heavy-duty option.

The 2GX is offered with a wide range of options and components to allow for an optimal ride experience, including choices of wheels, handrims, tires, wheel locks, tattoos and more.

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[Source: TiLite]