The second edition of “Stepping Thru Accessible Details” is available as a resource to help create and compile accessibility details and specifications for individuals involved with building projects required to meet Americans With Disabilities Act Standards.

Authored by Janis Kent, CASp, founding president of Long Beach, Calif-based Stepping Thru Accessibility, the publication is available as a print book and e-Book. “Stepping Thru Accessible Details” is updated and expanded as a compilation of more than 110 architectural details and specifications based on the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. The book includes a color-coded overlay of the 2013 California Building Codes (CBC), including the sourcing information for both the 2010 ADA Standards and the 2013 CBC.

Since each detail and specification is color-coded for portions that pertain only to California, the publication can be used as a resource for all areas of the country that need to comply with the ADA.

“Stepping Thru Accessible Details” is designed as an aid for facility managers, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, civil engineers, plan checkers, building inspectors, contractors, and any individuals involved in the built environment. The publication aims to provide vital information about accessibility for public buildings, places of public accommodation, and commercial buildings

This second edition has been expanded to more than150 pages with details, sourcing materials, and index. “Stepping Thru Accessible Details” can be purchased as an e-Book or print version. The e-Book product includes up to three downloads within 30 days, as well as free updates. A deluxe set is also available that includes the print book version and e-Book version.

Downloadable samples of the table of contents, and index page, and a typical page from the book are available for review online.