Two exclusive new podcasts produced by Rehab Management take a fresh look at the topics of compliance and clinical productivity, and offer valuable information to help clinicians better understand and manage the potential benefits—and potholes—of each area. The podcasts feature compliance expert Nancy Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC, president of Nancy Beckley & Associates, Rehab Compliance Resources, and Ryan Flanary, PT, vice president of outpatient services and healthforce at Valir Health.

Each podcast is sponsored by Clinicient. Following is a summary of each program:

Compliance Hot Topics for 2015

As part of Rehab Management’s longest-running podcast series, Nancy Beckley details the hot topics in compliance for therapy providers in 2015. Get a comprehensive overview that will help practices avoid costly compliance pitfalls, and learn about the “Cash and Compliance” topic, and where the compliance hook lies. Nancy also shares valuable tips that help guide therapy practices in getting their own compliance programs “in compliance.”

Make Productivity Pay Off

Ryan Flanary speaks about how integrated clinical and revenue cycle management software can help clinics optimize productivity and billing to reach their true potential.

Flanary is responsible for 13 outpatient clinics, so it’s vital for him to gauge therapist productivity with pinpoint accuracy so therapist time turns into billable procedures. He explains how integrated clinical and revenue cycle management software provide him and Valir Health the muscle to transform productivity into an increase to the bottom line.

This podcast explores the biggest mistakes therapists make when measuring their productivity, and how they can affect payment. You will also hear Flanary explain the vital role software played in increasing the number of units billed at his facility by .3 units, and the surprising dollar value of that increase over 1 year’s time.