SoftWheel by Numotion products, featuring the SoftWheel in-wheel suspension technology for wheelchairs, will be available to US consumers beginning September 2016.

As the exclusive distributor of the SoftWheel technology, Numotion will feature the products via its online store.

“We are excited to offer SoftWheel by Numotion to manual wheelchair users, providing a premier lifestyle solution for their mobility needs that can improve quality of life,” says Mike Swinford, CEO, Numotion, in a media release from the Brentwood, Tenn-based company.

“The SoftWheel by Numotion in-wheel suspension technology helps manage pain for users by reducing the severity of impact forces experienced by the user as they propel through varied terrain. This ultimately reduces user fatigue and increases comfort,” he adds.

“SoftWheel has developed a wheel that is more energy-efficient and energy-absorbent than any other wheel in the world,” states Daniel Barel, CEO, SoftWheel, in the release. “We did not invent the wheel, but we did reinvent its technology, to a point where it significantly improves the riding experience, helping users to go further with less pain and increased comfort.”

[Source: Numotion]