Medline, a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and solutions based in Northfield, Ill, announces its acquisition of Ottawa, Canada-headquartered NeuroGym Technologies, a manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment.

This deal, completed on June 29, is the second acquisition of a Canadian company by Medline in 1 month, according to a company news release.

“We began selling NeuroGym in 2016 and quickly saw the outcomes matched the promise for our customers,” says Brian Garner, director of Therapy & Rehab at Medline, in the release.

“We jumped at the chance to fully own the technology and future strategy and growth of the line. NeuroGym has been a very impactful innovation to the therapy and rehab providers working with our company,” he adds.

Medline has global operations in 90 countries, annual sales of more than $10 billion US, and more than 18,000 employees worldwide. NeuroGym Technologies employees will continue with Medline, and Dr Avi Nativ, inventor of the technology, will serve as a consultant to the business.

“When I engineered and brought NeuroGym to life, I had a vision of creating neurorehabilitation therapy for patients that would vastly change and improve their mobility and lives,” Nativ states in the release.

“Medline has shared that vision and helped advance it at every stage. This is a great fit for both companies and the beginning of even more innovation possibilities.”

[Source: Medline]