The latest version of the Special Tomato Hi-Low Multi-Positioning Seat (MPS) Seating System is designed to provide height-adjustable seating with built-in growth. The product is intended to allow users to customize their cushion options, choosing from multiple seat cushions, back cushions, and headrests.

The company notes on its website that its cushion technology is made from latex-free material that is peel and tear resistant and impermeable to fluids. The interior of each foam cushion is engineered to conform to the child’s body and comfortably support them during sitting. The Special Tomato MPS Hi-Low Seating System also includes the Hip-Flex feature, allowing a 30-degree range of pelvic tilt.

The product’s forward tilt and height adjustability is also intended to allow caregivers to position the user so they are forward weight bearing, either on the footrest or on the floor. It may also assist the caregiver in working on sit to stand transfers with users, the site says.

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[Source: Special Tomato]