In a recent news release, Project Walk announces that the Project Walk Paralysis Recovery Center in Claremont, Calif, is expanding in an effort to accommodate growing clientele. The release notes that the expansion will include an additional 2,100 square feet, nearly doubling its current space.

Project Walk-Claremont is part of The Claremont Club and was the first Project Walk franchise to open its doors as part of the Project Walk Franchised network.

Mike Alpert, Claremont Club CEO, emphasizes the organization’s excitement regarding the expansion, as it will “allow us to help more people struggling with paralysis. We currently have a waiting list so the additional room would allow us to accommodate and help those waiting to start.”

Based on The Dardzinski Method, Project Walk features activity-based recovery and its mission centers on providing an improved quality of life for individuals impacted by mobility related disorders.

Tim Yates, Project Walk CEO, emphasizes, “Project Walk, The Claremont Club and the Be Perfect Foundation have done a phenomenal job of creating a Project Walk that embodies the best qualities of the Project Walk brand. We are thrilled to see them expanding and growing their facility.”

The release states that the addition of 2,100 square feet will bring the facility to 5,100 square feet and is on schedule to be completed mid-August.

Source: Project Walk