Hocoma’s new FreeD Module for the LokomatPro is engineered to offer lateral translation and transverse rotation of the pelvis to encourage increased physiological gait pattern, and balance activation. The product targets additional motoric aspects of gait training through lateral and rotational movements of the pelvis within the orthosis, as well as as complete shift of body weight over the stance leg, prolonged suitable periods of Lokomat training, and improved coupling between legs and trunk.

The company notes that the device aims to overcome compensatory movement patterns often seen in hemiparetic stroke patients by helping the user to actively use the paretic leg as well. Additionally, the improved and intensified training can serve as a helpful strategy to help stroke patients and patients with craniocerebral injury, Hocoma says. The module is also designed to support more complex aspects of walking to allow the user to train longer in the safe environment of the device prior to overground walking.

The product was recently premiered at the APTA CSM. To learn more visit www.hocoma.com

[Photo Credit: LKH Hochzirl, Austria]

[Source: Hocoma]