The Virtual Seating Coach, engineered to accommodate power wheelchair users, was recently previewed by Permobil Inc at the International Seating Symposium in Vancouver. The Virtual Seating Coach is a system designed to allow clinicians to reinforce repositioning instructions through an application installed on the client’s smartphone.

Permobil notes that the product will be available on Permobil power wheelchairs with the Corpus 3G seating system later this year. The system is designed to coach users through their seating regimen for improved compliance and health outcomes. Through the app’s installation on the user’s smartphone, clinicians can program specific seating instructions, including the amount of tilt and recline, the hold time for the positioning, and the number of times a day the functions should be used.

The company adds that in the future, clinicians will also be able to monitor the user’s compliance with the prescribed regime, allowing for the initiation of interventions to help head off issues before they occur.

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[Source: Permobil Inc]