EarlySense, headquartered in Waltham, Mass, markets the EarlySense Safety Solution, which is engineered to provide users fall and pressure ulcer prevention.

To reduce falls, the system is designed to allow the caregiver to be at the bedside prior to the patient exiting the bed and facilitate optimized night care and automatic adaption to patients who have unique needs at night. Its features include immediate, actionable alerts, individual and team response times, and a “rest indicator” for early indication of a patient’s potential attempt to exit the bed.

To reduce pressure ulcer, the system features automatic motion analysis built to assist clinicians in pinpointing patients who may be at high risk for developing pressure ulcers. Additional features include detection of patient turn movements and air mattress usage, real-time reminders to on-duty caregivers handheld devices, and movement data reports such as system recognition of patients’ turns.

For more information visit www.earlysense.com

[Source: EarlySense]