A collaboration between Atlanta-based Responsive Surface Technology LLC (ReST), creator of the ReST Smart Bed, and Purple Innovation LLC (Purple), inventor of the Purple Grid, brings a new sleep system that couples an artificial intelligence-powered smart bed with a science-based material designed to eliminate pressure by being both soft and supportive as well as comfortably cool.

Featuring both smart and comfort technologies, the ReST Bed with the Purple Grid combines ReST’s patented smart fabric, which senses pressure changes and automatically makes real-time adjustments to 5-zones, and Purple’s proprietary technology, which instantly adapts to the body yet never sinks or forms an impression.

“The ReST Bed with Purple Grid technology is a wonderful collaboration between two industry leaders, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the next evolution of sleep for our customers. Combining Purple’s comfort innovation with our smart bed produces a remarkable combination of two sought-after technologies. This is a pairing customers could only dream about until now.”

— Lloyd Sommers, General Manager, ReST

For more information, visit Responsive Surface Technology LLC.

[Source: Responsive Surface Technology LLC]