Read From the Roots: Clinician’s Blog for insight from Ann Eubank about topics that re-connect therapists with the heart of their practice, from turning disappointment into action to fighting against mediocrity that compliance can breed. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

Each week, Eubank, a nationally recognized advocate for wheelchair users and regular columnist for Rehab Management, offers posts that urge clinicians to “find a way to lead, not manage,” in their practice while meeting patients where they are in the recovery process.

In a broken healthcare system, Eubank emphasizes that while it can be challenge to press on despite dashed expectations, learning from disappointment and using it to sharpen advocacy skills can help ultimately carve out a clearer route to accessibility and quality of life for mobility device users.

Read her most current blog posts, as well as the comments clinicians have made in response to those posts here and share your insight!


[Source: Rehab Management]