ann33In light of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ann Eubank reminds clinicians that just as healing calls for the forging of new neural pathways in patients, they must also practice compassion and empathy to strengthen their own neural pathways. The blog is sponsored by TiLite.

“This day we are reminded that we are our brother’s keeper. Committing your professional life in service of others, to be part of another human’s healing process is nothing less than remarkable,” Eubank points out.

Indeed, compassion and empathy are not mandated in the job description for clinicians, but they certainly can be and are practiced, Eubank adds. UsersFirst, the grassroots organization for which Eubank serves as vice president of Community Initiatives, targets this form of “brotherly love.”

The organization aims to ensure that all individuals who use wheelchairs, individuals who love others who use wheelchairs, and individuals who care about accessibility to wheelchairs that increase independence and access to the community, are “connected and connecting.”

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[Source: Rehab Management]