Are you a sheep or a gladiator? There may be few other choices. Either we follow the herd (system rules) like a sheep, or we fight for our clients like a gladiator.

The decision is all yours. 

Gladiators don’t walk into the arena without the necessary tools of combat. You are armed with your intellect, problem solving skills, passion and tenacity. A gladiator will use anything available to increase chances of victory or survival.

While the above characteristics are vital to consider yourself an effective clinician, what does it take to be extraordinary? In the 21st century we have more opportunity to connect and share information than ever in human history. 

According to recent studies, the most powerful and effective tool for people with a disability is connection to a peer organization. Believe it or not, your customer may value being connected with a peer organization more than receiving treatment in a rehab center.

This makes sense; I value my peer connections more than using the health care system. Who doesn’t?

Be an exemplary clinician and offer your customers connection and tools. 

If your customer is a person with a disability and uses a wheelchair, ask them if they would like to be counted as someone who believes Americans have the right to a wheelchair that works medically and functionally. 

If you or your customer has questions about ANY step of the wheelchair acquisition process, connect them with a useful tool from UsersFirst, the UsersFirst Mobility Map.

What we do: UsersFirst supports people through the wheelchair acquisition process and pushes for positive policy change to remove barriers faced by people with disabilities.

Sometimes UsersFirst advocates speak out with a mighty voice. You can read about Finn Bullers’ fight against the inequities of the Medicaid system. His efforts have motivated many to action.