In partnership with Marketing Architects Inc, a Minneapolis-based advertising agency, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare launches the HurryRoll rollator via a television campaign called “Ready. Set. Roll!”

The TV commercial, “Hard to Move,” shows a couple enjoying life on the go thanks to the HurryRoll. We see it effortlessly glide past an old-fashioned walker, demonstrating how the HurryRoll goes anywhere with ease. In addition, it brings along a world of conveniences: a lightweight folding frame, quick-locking brakes, a comfortable seat, and even a cup holder, explains a media release from Marketing Architects.

“The Hurry brand has always defied any stigma associated with mobility issues,” says Kirsten Newquist, VP of channel development at Port Washington, NY-based Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, in the release. “We create products that don’t just increase mobility. They help protect a person’s dignity.”

“It’s an honor to be able to help Drive take the Hurry brand to the next level,” states Rob DeMars, chief creative officer at Marketing Architects. “Mobility with dignity is a story we’re proud to tell.”

***For more information regarding the HurryRoll, such as price, dimensions, features, whether it is covered by insurance, etc, please contact Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare. Thank you.***

[Source(s): Marketing Architects Inc, Business Wire]