More than 100,000 runners from around the world participated simultaneously in the global Wings for Life World Run recently via Event Runs, App Runs, or individual runs with the App, with 100% of the entry fees and donations going directly to help fund spinal cord research.

The global charity event takes place at different locations around the globe and begins at the same time at event locations or via the Wings for Life World Run App.

After all the runners are given a 30-minute head start, a “Catcher Car” chases them along the course until each one is caught. The “Catcher Car” could be an actual vehicle or a virtual one.

The first runners passed after a few kilometers are the first to celebrate their accomplishments, while the last man and woman to be caught are declared Global Champions, according to the Wings for Life website.

The nonprofit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation is the driving force behind the event.

More than half a million participants have taken part in the event since the first Wings for Life World Run in 2014.

The 2019 Wings for Life World Run is scheduled to take place on May 5.

[Source: Wings for Life World Run]