The Leaf Patient Monitoring System from Leaf Healthcare is designed to track and monitor a hospital patient’s mobility throughout the mobility continuum—from bedridden to fully ambulating.

The system, designed specifically for hospitalized patients who have impaired mobility, was unveiled recently during the American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition.

According to a media release from the Pleasanton, Calif-based company, the system uses a wearable, wireless sensor to automatically monitor, detect, and document the distance a patient walks, the number of steps he or she takes, the length of time the patient ambulates, and the amount of time spent ambulating versus sitting versus lying in bed.

“When hospitalized patients spend too much time in bed or insufficiently active, bad things tend to happen,” says Barrett Larson, co-founder and CEO of Leaf, in the release. “Our patient monitoring system helps clinicians track patient movement and focus more effort on those who could benefit from increased activity.”

The system not only monitors hospitalized patients, it also provides clinically actionable information, such as alerts regarding when an intervention is needed to prevent immobility-related health complications, such as pressure ulcers.

[Source(s): Leaf Healthcare, PR Newswire]