RELYNC is a folding mobility scooter designed to be smartphone-compatible. It was introduced recently at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, where it was awarded a 2018 CES Innovation Award.

The scooter features an inbuilt dashboard LED light navigation system and automatic speed adaptation via a GYRO sensor and speed algorithms. In addition, it can be locked, located, and tracked in real time via a smartphone app using GPRS and GPS, and boasts intelligent alarm and tamper functionality.

A built-in USB port enables users to charge other devices on the go.

Julien Cuening, industrial designer at RELYNC Tech LTD, comments that, “Most mobility scooters available are too bulky, unpractical, get stuck on turns and rough surfaces, and are not at all aesthetically pleasing. This prevents many people will mobility issues from choosing a mobility scooter.”

“When we developed RELYNC, bringing together form and function was one of our goals, because we believe that mobility doesn’t simply have to be practical; it can be beautiful and fashionable as well.”

[Source: RELYNC Tech LTD]