REV Group introduced what is reportedly the world’s first production plug-in gas/electric hybrid wheelchair accessible vehicle recently at the LA Auto Show.

The introduction also marked the first public show for REV Group’s specialty vehicle brand, Revability, which was responsible for the hybrid vehicle conversion, notes a media release from REV Group.

Based on the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, the hybrid vehicle features modifications such as redesigned/reconstructed flooring, a deployable ramp, a fabricated and relocated gas tank, and other structural changes to ensure safety and stability.

Additional features include front- and middle-row captain’s seats with wheelchair accessibility from the rear of the vehicle via a manual low-effort counterbalanced ramp, as well as an optional trifold ramp that maximizes luggage compartment storage space when the wheelchair is not being used.

“Our customers expect the latest in vehicle technology, both from an accessibility standpoint, and a technological standpoint. We’re here to offer vehicles that provide maximum accessibility and freedom, and are also environmentally friendly,” says Chuck Fortinberry, vice president of Revability, in the release.

“This vehicle continues REV Group’s tradition of providing the highest quality hand-crafted specialty vehicles to its customers based on the latest technology available.”

REV Group estimates that the vehicle could be put into service commercially by Q1 of 2018.

[Source(s): REV Group, Business Wire]