March 14, 2007

Erik Peper, PhD, will present a workshop, "Staying Healthy at Work," July 10 at The 8th Conference of The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) in Montreal that offers a systems perspective for maintaining health while working at the computer.

The one-day course is targeted to ergonomists, physical therapists, biofeedback therapists, stress management consultants and corporate safety teams. Peper’s book, “Muscle Biofeedback At The Computer, A Manual for Preventing Repetitive Motion Injury by Taking the Guesswork out of Assessment, Monitoring and Training For Clinicians: A Workbook for Using EMG Biofeedback,” provides content that is the heart of the program.

Peper’s system provides a template for replicating San Francisco State University’s “Healthy Computing” program in various settings. The empirical foundations of the suggestions made throughout the section are presented and the materials necessary for executing a “Healthy Computing” program are laid out in sequence and include many samples of handouts.

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