In observance of Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day, November 17, Permobil/ROHO Inc will join healthcare professionals working in hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing facilities around the world to raise awareness of pressure injuries and how to prevent them.

Worldwide Pressure Injury Prevention Day, first observed in 2013, is part of an effort launched by National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) in the United States, according to a media release from Permobil/ROHO Inc, a member of NPUAP.

During the observance day, Permobil/ROHO’s seating and positioning site will feature a special logo that, when clicked, will download educational materials such as a staging poster and a patient and caregiver guide. In addition, a webinar will take place on the NPUAP website.

“We are happy to be a part of the larger effort in drawing awareness to deep tissue injuries—especially considering that they are preventable by using air-cell based cushions, such as ROHO’s allow for immersion and envelopment for people using wheelchairs. DTI, or pressure ulcers, are often preventable when wheelchair users and other chronic sitters are properly fitted with an appropriate cushion,” explains Kara Kopplin, senior director of efficacy and research at Permobil/ROHO Inc, in the release.

[Source: Permobil/ROHO Inc]