In a recent Transformation Update, the US Department of Veterans Affairs notes the improvements that have been made to MyVA by VA Secretary Robert McDonald.

The third edition of the MyVA program’s semi-annual report notes that progress has been made in serving veterans with more services, in better time, notes a media release from the VA.

“Guided by veterans’ needs, we’ve left old, unresponsive ways of doing business behind,” writes McDonald in the report, per the release.

“We’ve changed leadership. We’ve added staff. We’ve adjusted policies. We’re eliminating bureaucracy and unproductive work. We’re encouraging inno­vative approaches to serving veterans, and we’re sharing best practices across the Department. In short, we’re making VA the high-performing organization that it can be, and that my fellow veterans, expect and deserve,” he adds.

According to the report, veteran trust of VA is on the rise, appointments are being completed faster, and processing of disability claims is faster and more accurate.

In addition, urgent care is available when a veteran needs, it, veteran homelessness has been cut in half, more collaborations have been facilitated, and quality is improving.

[Source: US Department of Veterans Affairs]