Frank Menzler was recently chosen by Hocoma USA to serve as its executive vice president and general manager. According to a Hocoma USA news release, Menzler brings experience in medical device and life science research as well as development and sales and marketing management, which range from early-stage start-ups to executive positions with large global corporations. Menzler’s new role became effective January 1.

Menzler states, “I am excited to continue building Hocoma’s reputation and leadership in robotic rehabilitation technologies and services. With its outstanding people and solutions, Hocoma is uniquely positioned to work with providers, payors, and patients to shape the future of rehabilitation.”

The Hocoma USA news release notes that Menzler has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School and an master in mechanical and biomedical engineering from RWTH Aachen, a German technology university. Menzler has been involved in the medical industry through a variety of assignments at different companies, including Guidant and HepaLife Technologies.

Most recently, Menzler served as senior director at Fraunhofer USA, where he worked to identify new life science technology applications for the US market.

Gery Colombo, CEO of Hocoma’s global headquarters, says, “Frank’s vast experience in building successful medical device organizations will be extremely valuable for Hocoma’s continued growth. We look forward to working with Frank and expanding our reach in the US with new products, services, and a dedicated team.”

[Source: Hocoma USA]