aota-memberThe American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) recently reported that it has reached 50,000 members. Frederick P. Somers, executive director, AOTA designates the accomplishment as a, “testimony to the collective commitment on the part of the organization’s volunteer leadership and staff to the spirit of the AOTA’s Centennial Vision and the creation of an inclusive community of members that spans diverse professional roles in practice, education, and research.”

The Centennial Vision, which has articulated what the AOTA is trying to accomplish on their members’ behalf and how they can be part of the effort, is among several factors that have allowed the organization to grow its membership, Somers says. Additional efforts that have bolstered growth include assisting members in navigating the changing healthcare landscape, the support of the AOTA’s educational programs by introducing students to the importance of membership, and its committed work to meet the needs of members of the profession.

The organization’s membership was “especially strong” this last year, however Somers notes that FY2013 serves as its ninth consecutive year of membership growth, rising up 50% in total since 2004.

Now that the organization has reached a membership of 50,000, it aims to continue to work hard on behalf the profession. Somers adds that the AOTA believes it will continue to see growth in membership, “if occupational therapy practitioners and students recognize the external challenges ahead to providing their services, the opportunities that a changing healthcare system offers us, and how their membership helps provide AOTA with the resources to work on their behalf.”

Source: AOTA