MedRhythms announces it has been issued US patent US20170296116A1, “Systems and Methods for Neurologic Rehabilitation.”
The Portland, Maine-based company develops digital therapeutics designed to use sensors, software, and music to support gait rehabilitation in adults suffering from neurologic injuries or diseases.

Neuroscience research in music and clinical research into the efficacy of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation are behind the science behind MedRhythms’ products. The company’s first product will be focused on addressing walking deficits in the post-stroke population.

The patent covers MedRhythms’ proprietary digital therapeutics platform and its ability to respond to biomechanical data using music by employing the principle of entrainment, the mechanism of action of MedRhythms’ products that drives walking improvements, according to a media release from the company.

“We are pleased with the development of MedRhythms’ intellectual property portfolio, which recognizes the strength of MedRhythms’ innovation, establishes the company as an innovative leader in digital therapeutics, and sets a foundation for the company to build products that will significantly impact the lives of those who we endeavor to serve,” says Brian Harris, CEO and Co-Founder of MedRhythms.

In addition to the first digital therapeutic for stroke, MedRhythms is evaluating additional opportunities for internal development and strategic partnerships to enhance advancement of its product pipeline. All of these are driven by the unmet need across neurologic injury and disease to provide neuro-motor interventions and to translate data into tools that function as digital biomarkers to support diagnosis, map disease progression, and track health outcomes, the release continues.

[Source(s): MedRhythms, PR Newswire]