Getty Images, in collaboration with Verizon Media, announces its latest global Creative Bursary grant program centering around life with disabilities.
The Bursary comes on the heels of The Disability Collection, a joint effort launched in 2018 by both companies in conjunction with the National Disability Leadership Alliance to more authentically represent people with disabilities in the media.

“This latest endeavor is a natural fit, allowing us to expand not only the reach of this Bursary, but double the award dollars as well,” says Guy Merrill, Creative Bursary Judge and Global Head of Art for Getty Images, in a media release.

“Given that our primary mission is to move the world with imagery, we’re thrilled to continue our relationship with Verizon Media—a forerunner when it comes to accessibility.”

“At Verizon Media, we are committed to creating premium experiences for all,” states Larry Goldberg, Head of Accessibility at Verizon Media. “Through this grant program, we are empowering photographers to join our mission with Getty Images to more authentically represent disability in the media.”

Open to photographers globally, and supported by a matching grant by Verizon, Disability Stories is a one-time Bursary, awarding one recipient $15,000, one recipient $10,000 and three recipients $5,000 each, as determined by a panel of creative industry judges and disability activists. The bursary seeks diverse perspectives, and photographers with disabilities are specifically encouraged to apply.

The deadline to apply is November 1, 2019. Recipients of the Creative Bursary will be announced on December 3, 2019, coinciding with the United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

To apply, photographers must submit the following in a digital format:

  • Links to existing portfolio of work online
  • A 200-500-word summary of the project proposal (in English) and an inspirational mood board
  • A short essay that outlines the approach

Bursary recipients are invited to license their award-winning content through, at a 100% royalty rate for imagery created within their proposed project. Entrants will also receive guidance and mentorship from one of Getty Images’ award-winning Art Directors, as well as a feature on Getty Images’ Creative Insights website, in addition to promotion across relevant social channels. Please note, this additional support is not a requirement of the Creative Bursary and is at the discretion of each recipient, per the release.

The Getty Images Creative Bursary Grants are a core piece of the wider Getty Images Grants program, aimed at supporting the world’s photographic and photojournalism community. Since the inception of the program 15 years ago, the company has awarded in excess of US $1.4 million, furthering its commitment to the craft of photography and bringing attention to important stories that would otherwise remain unseen.

[Source(s): Getty Images, PR Newswire]