Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare recently shipped 17,000 oxygen concentrator compressors from China via one of the world’s largest cargo transport airplanes, the Port Washington, NY-based company shares.

The Russian Antonov AN-124 Ruslan touched down at Pittsburgh International Airport carrying more than 200 pallets of compressors, a critical component for manufacturing the oxygen concentrators used to help those affected by COVID-19. Drive DeVilbiss partnered with Tazmanian Freight Systems Inc to facilitate the transport of the compressors from Shanghai after ongoing ocean shipment delays.

“Nothing is more critical in the pursuit of living our mission of Enhancing Lives than maintaining oxygen concentrator production from our Somerset facility during this pandemic. I’m very proud of our team’s ‘do whatever it takes’ approach considering the unprecedented supply challenges the world is facing right now.”

— Derek Lampert, CEO of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Operated by the Russian cargo airline Volga Dnepr, the Antonov AN-124 can carry up to 150 tons of cargo that has historically included a locomotive and yacht. The Antonov AN-124 features unique, kneeling mechanism landing gear that allows the plane to be lowered for loading and unloading. The cargo unloads and loads from both the front and back of the aircraft and is equipped with onboard crane and winch systems to make this process easier.

“A global pandemic has surpassed any expectation we could have imagined. The importance of partnership and teamwork shown to make this happen to help fight the pandemic is truly humbling, and the experience and hospitality shown to Drive DeVilbiss to witness an AN-124 filled with our product greatly exceeded our expectations.”

— Christina Miller, Manager of Logistics Contracts & Carrier Management

[Source: Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare]

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