With May being National Mobility Awareness Month, iWALKFree Inc offers an alternative to the challenges of limited mobility: the iWalk 2.0.

The hands-free crutch is designed by the company to act as a temporary lower leg for people with non-weight-bearing below-the-knee injuries who would usually require crutches or a leg scooter to get around.

“Mobility is something that is essential, and when we have it in a diminished capacity it can affect both our body and our mind,” explains Brad Hunter, CEO of iWALKFree Inc and the innovator of iWALK2.0. “The goal is to help make limited mobility more tolerable and find ways to still be able to enjoy life. That’s what we have done with creating the iWALK2.0.”

iWalk 2.0 can be used with a cast or boot, and its height supports, thigh supports, and calf strap slider mounts can be adjusted to fit each user’s size, height, and leg styles. It can also convert for left or right leg use.

Additional features include independent upper and lower leg adjustments, and adjustable length straps with comfort pads, according to the company.

[Source: iWALK Free Inc]