It’s officially Fall, and it’s also the third annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day, September 23. To help bring more awareness to falls prevention, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is urging older adults to take a moment to complete a room-by-room checklist to identify and repair possible fall hazards in their homes and begin an exercise plan to reduce chances of falling and risk of injury.

The APTA is encouraging PTs to help get the word out, providing [removed]a checklist[/removed] that seniors can use as well as a video and a  [removed]tip sheet[/removed] on using walkers and canes for the elderly.

"Many older adults live in fear of falling and become more sedentary over the years," Winter says. "When, in fact, they should be seeking out ways to become more active to maintain their mobility."

For more information about how to avoid falls in the elderly and other balance-related conditions, patients can visit the APTA’s dedicated fall prevention webpage, [removed]Move Forward[/removed]

(Source: Press Release)