Carticept Medical, a developer and marketer of products for the diagnosis and treatment of cartilage injuries and osteoarthritis, today announced an agreement to become the official ultrasound technology partner of the Atlanta Falcons.

Trainers and physicians of professional atheletes need a quick and accurate diagnosis of injuries sustained on the playing field. Ultrasound can quickly help visualize injuries for sports clinicians and help with rapid diagnosis.  The use of ultrasound can reduce the need to send a patient to a specialized facility with CT or MRI and does not expose a patient to the potentially harmful effects of radiation.

The Falcons organization has incorporated the ultrasound technology marketed by Carticept for use by their team physicians and trainers to expedite the evaluation of players with potential injuries.

Carticept Medical markets ultrasound systems manufactured by SonoSite, a manufacturer of portable ultrasound that produce high-quality images for diagnostic evaluations.

“Having the ability to perform an ultrasound exam on site is much more convenient for both the training staff and the players,” said Marty Lauzon, Head Athletic Trainer for the Atlanta Falcons, in a press release. “The SonoSite equipment is rugged and portable and the training staff is quickly becoming proficient in its use. Because of the superior image quality, we are confident in our ability to accurately evaluate musculoskeletal conditions on-site.”

In addition to furthering general awareness of the applications of ultrasound in orthopedic practice, the partnership will promote the education of clinicians in the use of ultrasound for both diagnostic and interventional procedures.

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