In light of the potential health risks improper use of patient lifts can pose, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently provided a list of best practices designed to assist in reducing these risks. The FDA recommends that users of patient lifts should be trained in lift operation. Users should also match the sling to the specific lift and the weight of the patient, inspect the sling fabric and straps to ensure there is no fraying or stress at the seams. 

The FDA adds that all clips, latches, and hanger bars should be securely fastened during operation. Users are also advised to keep the base of the patient lift in the maximum open position and situate the lift in order to provide stability. An FDA news release notes that users should also following instructions for washing and maintaining the sling, ensure that the lift’s weight limitations are not exceeded. To further ensure safety, the FDA recommends users create and follow a maintenance safety inspection checklist to detect worn or damaged parts that need immediate replacement.  

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Source: FDA