A new handheld tool designed to provide an immediate diagnosis of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is currently under development, reports a University of Nebraska-Lincoln news release. David Hage, PhD, (pictured right) professor of chemistry, developed the device. UNL’s nonprofit affiliate, NUtech Ventures and Fayetteville, Ark-based biotechnology company SFC Fluidics have reportedly entered into a license agreement to use the technology.

The release notes that in applications targeted the assessment of TBI, Hage uses methods that can measure specific proteins in blood serum that are released by the brain. “So if you have a test that is fast enough to detect this protein in a few minutes, you can tell pretty quickly if someone with a potential head injury has to go back to the hospital or if they’re okay to keep doing what they doing,” Hage expains.

According to Sai Kumar, SFC Fluidics president for research and development, the company opted to incorporate Hage’s technology in light of its ability to address the speed and sensitivity demands of TBI diagnostics. 

“The project is a great example of how a university research can partner with industry to create real value,” David Conrad, NUTech Venture’s executive director says. Conrad adds that the results of collaboration may yield a diagnostic device with the potential to help many patients.

Clinical trials for the device are slated to being in spring 2014, the university adds.

Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln