In commemoration of the recent closing of the initial public offering (IPO) of Myomo Inc stock, the company’s president and CEO, Paul R. Gudonis, rang the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) MKT closing bell on Friday, June 16.

Two users of Myomo’s MyoPro myoelectric arm orthosis—Arthur Jerome “Jay Jay” Johnson, a US veteran from Cleveland, and Jessica Peters, a stroke survivor from Salem, Mass—joined Gudonis as he rang the bell.

The Friday bell-ringing ceremony concluded the first week that Myomo stock was available for trading on the NYSE MKT, according to a media release from Cambridge, Mass-based Myomo Inc.

“We are very pleased to complete our IPO as the first Regulation A+ issuer to trade on the NYSE MKT, providing us with the resources to accomplish our mission of addressing upper limb paralysis with our proprietary life-changing technology,” Gudonis says, in the release.

“In commemorating our IPO, we acknowledge our broad stakeholder community, including ‘Jay Jay,’ who has successfully regained mobility, and Jessica, who has returned to the workforce and serves as a peer mentor to other young victims of stroke. We also acknowledge the NYSE, in conjunction with the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, for paving the way for small growth companies such as ours to raise capital. We look forward to continuing to execute our growth agenda and returning value to our shareholders,” he adds.

[Source(s): Myomo Inc, Business Wire]