BIONIK Laboratories Corp announces it has donated an InMotion robotic system to Einstein Healthcare Network’s MossRehab for use within its newly announced CORE+ Unit, a rehabilitation space for patients infected with or recovering from COVID-19 that require inpatient rehabilitation to return to their communities.

The CORE+ Unit is in a dedicated section of MossRehab Elkins Park, where patients will have their own rooms, dedicated staff, stringent PPE requirements, and transportation protocols to reduce risk of infection. Admission requirements include being 7 days from COVID-19 diagnosis and 72 hours with no fever. It is believed the CORE+ Unit is the first of its kind in the United States, Toronto-based BIONIK Lab notes in a media release.

“We’re grateful for BIONIK and their kind gesture of donating an InMotion robotic therapy system to MossRehab’s CORE+ Unit. Being infected with COVID-19 should not prevent patients from receiving the high-quality therapy they require for recovery, and BIONIK’s technology will help to ensure patients have the best possible opportunity for positive outcomes,” says Dr Alberto Esquenazi, Chief Medical Officer, MossRehab, in the release.

“This generous gift highlights how communities can come together to help those most in need. We thank BIONIK and look forward to utilizing InMotion robotic therapy with our patients.”

MossRehab provides physical medicine and rehabilitation in the Philadelphia region and is a member of Einstein Healthcare Network, a large independent medical center in the Philadelphia region. Led by Dr Esquenazi, MossRehab has been recognized as one of the nation’s 10 best rehabilitation hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.

“We are extremely proud to donate an InMotion robot to MossRehab, and to help patients inflicted with COVID-19 get the critical therapy they need as they seek a return toward normal life within their communities, and support their dedicated healthcare team with their tireless efforts to rehabilitate patients,” says Dr Eric Dusseux, CEO of BIONIK, in the release.

“In times like these, it’s important for everyone to band together to best help the people who need it most. Einstein Healthcare Network and MossRehab have long been renowned for the terrific patient care they provide on a daily basis. We’re happy to be able to join in their mission by offering our innovative robotic therapy solutions free of charge,” he adds.

InMotion robotic therapy systems are designed to help stroke survivors and those with other neurological conditions regain arm movement by training shoulder protraction/retraction, flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal/external rotation and elbow flexion/extension. InMotion therapy was developed according to the principles of motor learning and neuro-plasticity, using AI and measuring 200 times a second the position, the speed and the acceleration of the upper limb.

InMotion therapy guides the patient through specific tasks, aiming to improve motor control of the arm by increasing strength, range of motion and coordination, and assisting with the provision of efficient, effective and intensive sensorimotor therapy, according to the company in the release.

[Source(s): BIONIK Laboratories Corp, Business Wire]