mtksThrough the federally-funded Model Systems Knowledge Translations Center (MSKTC) website, free online resources are now reportedly available to assist couples following traumatic brain injury (TBI). A recent news release notes that the Relationships After Traumatic Brain Injury hot topic module is comprised of a suite of resources, including videos, factsheets, and slideshows to support productive relationships.

One of the key focuses of the Center is to ensure that TBI research findings are meaningful and useful to the public. “Each year, over 1.5 million Americans sustain a brain injury…Our resources are designed to appeal to a broad audience of individuals who have a brain injury or a partner with the injury,” says Cynthia Overton, PhD, co-director of the MSKTC, senior researcher with the American Institutes for Research (AIR).

The release notes that all resources appearing in the hot topic module are based on TBI Model Systems research. The module comes in response to the recognition by clinical researchers of the impact TBI can have on couples’ relationships, adds Jeffrey Kreutzer, principal investigator of the Virginia Commonwealth Traumatic Brain Injury Model System. “The Relationships After Traumatic Brain Injury hot topic module was created to help couples successfully face new challenges, and to reformulate and re-energize their relationship after TBI,” Kreutzer says.

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Source: American Institutes for Research