“Neuro-laser” treatment, or near-infrared light therapy (NILT), may be a possible new therapy to help spur the brain to repair itself after a TBI.

As explained in a study authored by Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD, and published recently in Neural Regeneration Research, this “neuro-laser” treatment—high-powered multi-watt coherent infrared light—has the ability to reach into the brain and activate brain reparative processes, such as the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, following a traumatic brain injury.

“Only multi-watt neuro-laser has sufficient energy to penetrate skin and skull, reaching the deep parts of the brain where injuries are, with no irritation to the skin or other side effects,” Henderson says in a media release from the Neuro-Laser Foundation (NLF).

“The patients are responding very positively, and our data is consistently showing robust responses. This treatment is really helping turn lives around. The stories we’re hearing are amazing,” adds Henderson, a co-founder of the Neuro-Laser Foundation, who is spearheading the treatment along with NLF co-founder Larry Morries.

“The need is tremendous. We suspect there are many other ways NILT could help the brain heal,” Morries states in the release.

The patent-pending method outlined in the study utilizes specific laser instruments designed to Henderson’s and Morries’ specifications. The number of required applications is low, and the treatment is reportedly safe in the hands of trained professionals, the study suggests, per the release.

For more information, visit the Neuro-Laser Foundation.

[Source: the Neuro-Laser Foundation]