According to a recent Kessler Foundation news release, the Foundation’s director of traumatic brain injury (TBI) research, Jordan Grafman, PhD, (pictured right) is scheduled to speak at the Reprogramming the Brain to Health Symposium, University of Texas at Dallas (U Texas-Dallas), April 12. Grafman’s expertise centers on brain function and behavior and his topic for the symposium will encompass human belief systems in the brain.

The news release reports that The Center Brain Health at U Texas-Dallas jointly sponsors the research symposium alongside the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute at the University of California, Berkley. The symposium is designed to gather distinguished neuroscientists to discuss the latest advances in brain research. In addition to Grafman, other attendees scheduled to speak at the event include Donald T. Stuss, PhD, Ontario Brain Institute, Stephen M. Rao, PhD, Schey Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging at Cleveland Clinic, Arthur Kramer, MA, PhD, University of Illinois Campus Neuroscience Program, Leah A. Krubitzer, PhD, Center for Neuroscience, University of California, Davis, Earl K. Miller, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Michael P. Alexander, MD, Harvard Medical School and Rotman Research Center.

The Foundation adds that registration is free and is required to reserve a seat.

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Source: Kessler Foundation