OPTP’s new consumer catalog offers a variety of health and fitness products for eased product referrals. Products include back supports, balance boards, support belts, stretching tools, foam rollers, resistance bands, self-massage tools, and more.

New products introduced in the OPTP Active Health Care Consumer Catalog Vol 12 include the Thoracic Back Support, which support the low- and mid-back for healthy sitting posture. The STAR ROLLER and Anatomical Roller are also featured and offer variations on the foam roller, while the PRO-ROLLER Arch is designed to deliver improved positioning on or off a roller.

The catalog also showcases the Activ8r, a compact and portable tool engineered for myofasical release, and Adriaan Louw’s new patient book that aims to offer readers therapeutic neuroscience education for headache sufferers.

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[Source: OPTP]