Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, has introduced the Quickie Q7 NextGEN. The product features a minimalist frame composed of 7000 Series aerospace aluminum. The company notes that the product’s ShapeLoc Technology heat-treatment process is intended to increase frame strength and allows for thinner tube walls. This translates to a weight of 13.3 pounds with wheels. The product also offers an 18.2% strength-to-weight ratio increase and a 10.6% stiffness increase.

According to Sunrise Medical, an additional new feature to the Q7 NextGEN is the Quickie Xtender power assist option. The Xtender’s motorized rear wheels are designed to increase the force applied to the handrims by four times, increasing range of mobility and reducing the amount of energy used during propulsion.

The company adds that among the 12 enhancements made throughout 2013 to the Q7 was the new Transit Option, which is WC-19 Transit approved at its full weight capacity of 265 pounds. The enhancements also included additional options for Center-of Gravity settings and the GT Caster Setting, engineered to allow the Q7 to be customized for each user.

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[Source: Sunrise Medical]