Now available from Biodex Medical Systems Inc is a set of three Upper Extremity Hemiparetic Attachments, designed to work with the Multi-Joint System computerized robotic dynamometer.

The computerized robotic dynamometer is engineered to help poststroke patients rehabilitate and strengthen their upper extremity.

These attachments—for the shoulder, wrist, and elbow—are made from lightweight carbon fiber, and are designed for poststroke patients who experience hemiparesis. An integrated ROM stop and lock knob enables the same attachments to be used for the left or right side without having to remove them from the dynamometer head.

While the patient exercises their upper extremities, the dynamometer itself ensures that the patient’s trunk stays stabilized, while the attachments work to help organize the patient’s neuromotor output through specific joint patterns for the shoulder, elbow, and wrist, according to a media release from Biodex.

“These attachments clearly promote the value and utility of the Biodex Isokinetic System across orthopedic and neurological applications,” states Ed Behan, vice president of Biodex Market Development, in the release.

The Biodex Upper Extremity Hemiparetic Attachments are compatible with the Multi-Joint System 3 and System 4, Pro, MVP and Quick-Set robotic dynamometer models.

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[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]